Ecology of Bryde’s Whale in Thailand

We would like to know “Migration”, “Communication with sound”, and “Swimming behaviour” of Bryde’s Whale


Acceleration logger (W1000-3MPD3GT)

     Parameters: 3-axes acceleration 32Hz, 3-axes compass, depth, temp, speed 1Hz,

Video logger (DVL-400-I)

Acoustic logger

Satellite tag (SPOT5)


We succeeded in tagging a Bryde’s whale.

Attached time, approximately 1.5 hours

Whale had mating behaviour

We obtained the data of swimming behaviour, sound, and movie.

Reported by Takashi Iwata

Study Area: Gulf of Thailand (13° N, 100° E)

Study Animal:

Bryde’s Whale Balaenoptera brydei

Study Period:  2013/Nov/17 - 25

Another whale swam with the tagged whale.