Takashi Iwata

    Marine large animals, such as marine mammals and seabirds, have been attracting attention from many people. What are the animals eating when and where? How are the animals acting underwater? Pleasure of the animals? I have also interests in ecology of the marine large animals, especially marine mammals.

  I have studied about foraging behaviour of Antarctic fur seals Arctocephalus gazella with acceleration data loggers. This study showed that the fine-scale (per 1 second) prey-capture events of seals. To monitor time-series changes in the frequency of prey- capture events could be used to place the foraging behaviour of marine mammals in the context of marine habitat features.


Refereed publications

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Current Research

○Decision-making about foraging behaviour of Antarctic fur seals

○Swimming behaviour of Bryde’s whales

○Escaping strategy of Harbor seals for Killer whales

○Distribution of seabirds  association with oceanographic features

Behavioural Ecology of Marine Mammals

E-mail: : tiwata@aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp