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We welcome collaboration with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and scientists. Please contact us if you are interested in Bio-logging Science.

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Research: Laysan albatross in Hawaii (update in 16, Feb)

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Principal investigator: Prof. Katsufumi Sato, katsu[at]

Behavior, Ecology and Observation Systems,

Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute,

The University of Tokyo

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, 277-8564, Japan

Tel:  +81-4-7136-6220

Bio-logging Science, The University of Tokyo (UTBLS)

New Publications

Katsufumi Sato. Body temperature stability achieved by the large body    

    mass of sea turtles. Journal of Experimental Biology 217:


Ippei Suzuki, Katsufumi Sato, Andreas Fahlman, Yasuhiko Naito,

    Nobuyuki Miyazaki and Andrew W. Trites. Drag, but not buoyancy,

    affects swim speed in captive Steller sea lions. Biology Open 3: 379-386


Itsumi Nakamura and Katsufumi Sato. Ontogenetic shift in foraging

    habit of ocean sunfish Mola mola from dietary and behavioral studies.

    Marine Biology 161: 1263-1273 (2014).

Hideaki Nishizawa, Tomoko Narazaki, Takuya Fukuoka, Katsufumi

    Sato, Masato Kinoshita, Nobuaki Arai. Juvenile green turtles in the

    northern edge: mtDNA evidence of long-distance westward dispersals in

    the Northern Pacific Ocean. Endangered Species Research 24:

    171-179 (2014).

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