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We welcome collaboration with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and scientists. Please contact us if you are interested in Bio-logging Science.

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Principal investigator: Prof. Katsufumi Sato, katsu[at]

Behavior, Ecology and Observation Systems,

Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute,

The University of Tokyo

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, 277-8564, Japan

Tel:  +81-4-7136-6220

Bio-logging Science, The University of Tokyo (UTBLS)

New Publications

Fukuoka T, Narazaki T and Sato K. Summer-restricted migration of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) to a temperate habitat of the northwest Pacific Ocean. Endangere Species Res. in press (2015)

Otaki T, Hamana M, Tanoue H, Miyazaki N, Shibuno T and Komatsu T. Three-dimensional mapping of red stingray (Dasyatis akajei) movement with reference to bottom topography. Ocean Sci J. in press (2015)

Akiyama Yu, Matsuda Y, Sakurai N and Sato K. Evaluation of wave drag on bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus from swimming effort. Coast Mar Sci. in press (2015)

Nakamura I, Goto Y and Sato K. Ocean sunfish rewarm at the surface after deep excursions to forage for siphonophores. J Anim Ecol. in press (2015)

Aoki K, Amano M, Kubodera T, Mori K, Okamoto R,Sato K. Visual and behavioral evidence indicates active hunting by sperm whales. Mar Ecol Prog Ser, in press (2015)

Sato K. Body temperature stability achieved by the large body    

    mass of sea turtles. J Exp Biol 217: 3607-3614(2014)

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